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Hello and welcome to the maniacal ramblings of a mad man, eeking his way through a sad existance, while trying to pull together some sort of life less ordinary in lower Arkansas.

[ed. note: Okay, so I'm not a maniacal mad man. I do ramble throughout a rather sad existance though, as if living in lower Arkansas wasn't reason enough for you to throw pity upon my tormented soul.]

Where does one begin to tell their story? Shall I begin like David Copperfield? I am born, I grow up. Let me begin with what they have told me and then follow with what I know...
I was born on the 23rd of May 1980. It was the year the world lost a Beatle, gained the Rubik's Cube, and everyone wanted to know "Who shot JR?"
I lived in a trailer park outside of Pine Bluff for the first 8 years of my life and then relocated to Rison, Arkansas. Here I grew up [although some would argue I've yet to do so] and graduated high school.
I have attended college at Louisiana Tech, University of Arkansas -- Monticello, and most recently at Southeast Arkansas College. Much to my depression, I've yet to obtain a degree. My college years are not filled with many happy memories. Just as the military is not for everyone, it is my experience that college is not either. I could have taken it more seriously. I could have studied harder and more often. However, I still believe that not every "smart" person is cut out for college.

[ed. note: I'm going to leave the bio at that for now. Look out for more background information located among my daily nightly posts or I may decide to pour a little more time and detail into a full fledged profile.]

Jason/Male/21-25. Lives in United States/Arkansas/Rison, speaks English and French. Eye color is hazel. I am average looking. My interests are I play guitar and prefer acoustic sover songs./I enjoy writing, movies, comics, and computers..
This is my blogchalk:
United States, Arkansas, Rison, English, French, Jason, Male, 21-25, I play guitar and prefer acoustic sover songs., I enjoy writing, movies, comics, and computers..


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On hobbies, deer hooligans, and the American movie experience

  I've been searching about recently looking for a hobby.  Something that could occupy me when that urge to go about bar-hoppin' takes hold.  I've looked into a few options, but all seem to cost money [something I can't spare right now] or they just don't seem to fit me.
  Deer season just broke here a few weeks ago and I had thoughts of becoming the "great white hunter" that I once thought I wanted to be.  Uh...no.  I know now that it's just not for me.  Don't get me wrong.  I don't have anything against hunting.  There's few things that taste as good this time of year than a nice warm bowl of deer chili or some of my grandma's fried deer steak.  But I was cursed with little to no patience.  And not to sound like a tree-hugger, but I'd often rather carry a camera into the woods and shoot animals with film rather than shells.
  So why not take up photography?  I thought about it.  And it's not entirely out of the picture [no pun intended] but there's just one little problem, you see.
  Living in the great state of Arkansas, each year about this time thousands take to the woods with "buck fever."  Most are harmless, hard-working individuals that want nothing more than to escape their hub-drub lives and enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility that makes this truly "the natural state."
  But there is another sort.  The proud.  The few.  The ones that make the nightly news.  Yes, I speak of that sort that were kicked off the cast of Deliverance.  The ones that smell of doe urine and stay hyped up for weeks at a time on Deer Cocaine and Pabst Blue-Ribbon beer.  True, many of my relatives fall within this group.  We try not to judge them [or look them directly in the eye].  They risk life and limb in pursuit of a four-legged creature they have mowed down several times before, although mostly while behind the wheel of a rickety clunker speeding down a country road.
  I do not have a death wish.  This is why I don't care to venture off in the woods just yet.  I prefer to wait until the smoke and the deer hooligans clear out.  Once all the the nerves settle and it's safe to go back in the woods, I might just decide to take up outdoor photography.

  Where was I...  Oh yeah, back to the blog at hand.  I was about to relay my newest hobby adventure.

  As was stated, I was searching for a hobby that costs little to no money.  I think I may have stumbled on to one.  I don't know if it is actually a hobby, though I suppose it could be.

  I've decided to start reading movie scripts online.  Last night while looking for a movie quote from Se7en, I found the unproduced film script for the film written back in 1992.  I sat in my recliner reading along with visions of the movie in my head.
  There's something about the way film script reads.  I couldn't stop reading it.  I like the simplicity of it all, plus the way the script was left open to the readers own imagination.  Eureka!, I think I've found a hobby.

  My brother Joe is truly a movie nut.  DVD's in particular.  He and I both share a love for DVD's, but not for the same reason.  He is a collector.  He collects numerous things; some for the money and others just for the love of collecting.  Myself, on the other hand, I don't really see it as collecting.  I find my DVD collection as a frugal shortcut rather than an investment.
  Joe will go out to the movies everytime a new flick hits the theatres.  In today's world, the theatre companys know they have you by they balls.  They know that going to the show is as American as apple pie.  It is almost like the circus is in town every night.  You walk up to the booth and purchase your ride tickets.
[ed. note:  I don't have too much of a problem with the price of movie tickets today.  It's the how they snare you with the concessions.]
  He plops down nearly a twenty at the door for he and his wife.  Then procedes to the concessions counter and loads up with popcorn for the two of them and his ritualistic "bladder-buster" of Coca-Cola.  In all he's likely to spend no less than $35 just for a simple night out at the movies!

  Yours truly.  Well, I'm cheap.  Unless I'm out to throw money around, I would rather wait until I've heard a little more about the movie in question.  I can then decide whether it is worthy of my frogskins.
  To me, its an insurance against a gamble.  Joe is placing a bet that the flick, the script, the actors, and the experience will be worth his money.  How many times have we all walked out of a film feeling cheated for having wasted the money and time to see a movie that didn't stand up to it's billing?  Too many times, I say.
  That is why I say wait until you have heard the movie is worth it's salt and then wait just a little more.  Wait until it arrives on DVD.  You can snatch up a sure-fire hit that you can watch in the comfort of your own home with your own chosen audience.  No crying babies, no Neanderthals with Afro's, or high school flunky to screw up the reel machine.  Plus, you get all the amenities that come with today's DVD's and the most important feature of all -- you can watch it over and over until the end of time and it will still have only set you back a cool twenty bucks!
  But then again, if you like being ripped off or if you simply want to go to THE MOVIES then have it your way.  There's no shame that.

[ed. note:  I think I may have to go forth with some sort of game plan from here on out.  lol  My intention was to tell about something as simple as reading movie scripts online, and somehow I've covered deer hooligans and the perils of the American movie experience.  I'll try to show some self-restaint next time.  Maybe.]

Posted at Monday, November 17, 2003 by Jason
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Welcome to Uninvited Jests.

Welcome to Uninvited Jests.  This is my inaugural post and I feel it would be nice to lay out some plans for the future.  So without futher ado, here is what I hope to accomplish throughout the span of this little project of mine.

[1.]  back to the basics.  After numerous attempts to create a little niche upon the Internet realm, I stumbled upon this growing new trend called blogging.  At one time I was quite the 'net savy person. However, due to a growing alcohol addiction, followed by a stint in rehab, and a tumultuous [though not pointless] dead-end relationship, I lost interest in all things that once interested me.
  Friends and family stepped up and tried with all their mite, but it was to no avail.  The downward spiral had taken hold.  Sometimes a person must truely hit 'rock bottom' in order to change.

[2.]  the meaning of self.  This is my attempt to take inventory of my life.  It is a place where I can reflect on my actions.  A place where I can decide what it is that I am living for.  Where I can decide who I am and what I will become.  This will be the story of my life -- past, present, and future.

[3.]  express & release.  Uninvited Jests will serve as an collecting pool for my thoughts, feelings, interests, likes/dislikes, and anything else I wish it to contain.  It is a place where I can express my opinions and enjoyments without feeling ostricized by negative, close-minded hypocrits that typically only find their pleasure in the pain and ridicule of others.  This is my release.

This is not an all inclusive list of what I hope to accomplish.  More like the only three goals that could come to mind right now.  What follows are my thoughts in my words.  Opinions are always welcome however, don't expect to change the thoughts before you.  This is not a forum open to debate.  If you don't like what you see before you, please feel free to continue along the web in search of something that you do believe in.  I have been found guilty of being a close-minded person before and found that I tended to miss out on many interesting and exciting situations, relationships, and conversations.  I hope that never happens again.

Posted at Sunday, November 16, 2003 by Jason
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